Eriberto Almeida Jr.


A native of Rio de Janeiro, Eriberto is an award-winning photographer with over 10 years of experience capturing nature and wildlife – most recently specializing in nocturnal and time-lapse imaging. His mission is to share the beauty of nature as a means to encourage its preservation.

He recently participated in the project “De Carona com Walentina,” travelling for a month in the South of Brazil, capturing exotic and diverse cultures and ecosystems.

His work has been published in Photo Magazine as well as the Brazilian publications Revista Fotografe Melhor and Jornal O Globo.

Besides earning Love Thy Nature’s Cinematography Awards (Accolade Awards of Excellence and Best Cinematography at the Richmond International Film Festival), Eriberto was honored for his work in the following photography competitions:

-3rd place  – “Abrace Essas Dez” (2012) – Environmental Agency of Rio de Janeiro

-2nd place – “Matas Ciliares através de um Click”  (2011) –Program of  Spring Water Protection.

-Honorable mention at the 8th Itatiaia International Photography Festival (2010).

-Finalist in the color category at the Leica competition (2008)

Eriberto’s photos:

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