Biomimicry Inventor

Jay Harman is an award-winning inventor and one of the pioneers of the revolutionary new science biomimicry, which emulates nature to create highly efficient, sustainable technology.

Described by the Science Channel as a “visionary” and “futurist,” Jay is one of the most sought after experts and speakers in the field. He has spoken at the renowned TED conference and his award-winning designs are part of the permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Jay has also been featured in Prince Charles’ just released book, Harmony.

Jay’s groundbreaking inventions have been inspired by a life-long fascination with the deep patterns in nature and, specifically, on his breakthrough discovery of the geometrics underlying the flow of air and water, termed fluid flow.

As much an entrepreneur as an inventor, Jay founded his first company in his native Australia in 1982, growing it to one of the country’s most successful technology companies, valued at $3 billion in the 1990s. Today, he is founder and chairman of the PAX companies where he has innovated the design of many fluid-handling technologies including propellers, fans, turbines and cooling systems.

Jay’s mission is to bring this burgeoning field to the lay public and show manufacturing industries that more efficient, sustainable equipment is profitable for both shareholders and the planet.

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