Forest Bathing is the translation of Shinrin Yoku – the Japanese practice of mindfully communing with the forest – which studies have shown to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Inspired by Shinrin Yoku, our Nature/Forest Bathing practice takes you to forests, mountains, or beaches to help you deepen your connection with the natural world, others, and yourself.


The Experience

On a forest bathing (or nature therapy) walk, your guide offers sensorial “invitations,” leading you to slow way down, cultivate a sense of presence, and explore relationships with other beings. As your senses awaken, nature reveals itself to you in astounding ways.

This nature-connection practice not only promotes healing, but also stimulates creativity, inspires wonder, and kindles realizations. Through council, each person can share their insights with the group – while others practice attentive, non-judgmental listening. A tea ceremony with harvested leaves from the land closes the experience in the spirit of gratitude.

Through this practice, most people feel a deeper bond with nature than they had ever felt before. While experiences are unique to each person, participants often share that their stress dissolves, emotions surface, confusion lifts, and ideas spring – taking home a renewed sense of joy, meaning and purpose.

Meet Your Guide


Film Director, Thought Leader, and
Nature Therapy Guide

Esalen: Forest Bathing for Homecoming and Belonging

May 13–17, 2024

Join us in communing with nature at Esalen to dissolve the obstacles that stop you from manifesting your purpose – and (re)discover the beauty of your uniqueness, talents, and gifts that only you can offer to the world.

Esalen: Revitalize Your Purpose With Forest Bathing

Aug 9-11, 2024

Join us in this deep partnership with nature at wondrous Big Sur, CA to dissolve the obstacles that stand in the way of your soul calling while renewing your sense of belonging, wonder, and purpose. 

RMERC: Inner Outer
Nature Retreat

July 24-30, 2023

Join us at the RMERC Eco-Dharma Retreat Center at the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to dissolve the veils that separate you from yourself, others, and nature.


Whether you would like to schedule a private nature therapy walk or an organization team building weekend, contact us to discuss how we can fit your needs.

Contact us to arrange a custom event


Oct 30th-Nov 5th, 2022
A Mindfulness and Forest Bathing expedition in partnership with Holbrook Travel

Oct 7-9th, 2022
Ojai, CA
A Forest Bathing Weekend for Women

Sept 26-30th, 2022
Esalen Institute – Big Sur, CA
Nature Therapy to Unleash Creativity

Aug 5-7th, 2022
Canyon Ranch
Weekend workshop to deepen relationship with self, heal the heart, and cultivate joy and wonder.

April 22-24th, 2022
Esalen Institute, CA
Nature Therapy from Self to World, an Earth Day Workshop.

Feb & Mar 2022
Spirit Rock, CA
Virtual Mindfulness Class Series – MMTCP Practicum

Oct 11-15th
Esalen Institute, CA
Forest Bathing for Homecoming and Belonging 

June 11-13th 2021
Esalen Institute Weekend Workshop
Revitalize your purpose. A forest bathing event Guided by Sylvie Rokab
in partnership with Holbrook Travel

Sept 23rd 2020, 4pm ET /1pm PT
Heal Covid Burnout
A forest bathing virtual event Guided by Sylvie Rokab
in partnership with Holbrook Travel

Aug 30 – Sep 1st, 2019
Santa Cruz, CA – 1440 Multiversity
Forest Bathing weekend workshop in this secluded
retreat surrounded by old redwood trees.

May 10-12th, 2019
Big Sur, CA – Esalen Institute
Forest Bathing weekend workshop in this iconic
human potential retreat center.

Feb 9-16th, 2019
Costa Rica – Forest Bathing Expedition
Powerful nature medicine – at the most biologically

intense place on earth – to reset one’s life anew.

June 23rd, Aug 12th, and Sept 30th, 2018
Malibu, CA – Circle X Ranch / Grotto
Immersion in the Santa Monica mountains with spectacular views.

Apr 22-25th 2018
Big Sur, CA – Esalen Institute
Esalen Film Festival featured a screening event of Love Thy Nature followed by a forest bathing journey.

Mar 28th, 2018
Boca Raton, FL – Yamato Scrubs

Bathed by a golden sunset hue, participants explored this rich native scrub habitat in South Florida.


Tina Leigh Cameron:

“I would recommend this walk to all ages….all ability levels….and whether you’re a novice or a seasoned hiker. You’ll see and hear and touch the forest in a way you never did before.”

Eric Forbis

“What a beautiful experience, led by someone with such a love for nature. It was a wonderful way to slow down, and connect more deeply with the natural world.”

Sheila Laffey

“I experienced a slow motion sense of nature revealing more to me this way and revealing more of me to myself.”

Cyria Perella:

“It was a surprising experience in a remote place so we could escape from the craziness of LA… I thank again Sylvie to be so good at inviting us to share our feelings in this peaceful place.”


Luchino Castagno:

“Forest bathing allowed me to get in touch with myself and the beautiful sounds of nature… what a simple yet profound experience. Sylvie is a very gentle and effective facilitator.”



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