TBD Spring 2022

Life is too precious to miss out on the wisdom and wonder of nature.

TBD Spring 2022

Could you use shedding layers of stress and deepening connection with yourself, others, and nature? Join us for a Forest Bathing weekend in Ojai, led by the director of Love Thy Nature and certified Nature Therapy guide Sylvie Rokab – in collaboration with Corinne Bourdeau, who has a certificate in eco-psychology and Sheila Laffey, Ph.D. (also a certified Nature Therapy guide).

On forest bathing (or nature therapy) workshops, Sylvie offers sensorial “invitations,” leading you to slow way down, cultivate a sense of presence, and explore relationships with other beings. As your senses awaken, nature reveals itself to you in astounding ways. Participants often share that their stress dissolves, confusion lifts, hearts open, emotions surface, ideas spring and they take home a renewed sense of connection, meaning, and purpose in their lives.


To be announced.

If you’re an Ojai visitor, lodging must be arranged independently. Ojai Retreat is holding a few rooms for our participants and you can reach them at 805-646-2536. Some of our participants have also enjoyed staying at the Lavender Inn but feel free to find the lodge that best fits your needs!

We hope you can join us in Ojai!

Sylvie, Corinne, and Sheila

Meet Your Guide


Film Director, Thought Leader, and
Nature Therapy Guide


Tina Leigh Cameron:

“I would recommend this walk to all ages….all ability levels….and whether you’re a novice or a seasoned hiker. You’ll see and hear and touch the forest in a way you never did before.”

Eric Forbis

“What a beautiful experience, led by someone with such a love for nature. It was a wonderful way to slow down, and connect more deeply with the natural world.”

Sheila Laffey

“I experienced a slow motion sense of nature revealing more to me this way and revealing more of me to myself.”

Cyria Perella:

“It was a surprising experience in a remote place so we could escape from the craziness of LA… I thank again Sylvie to be so good at inviting us to share our feelings in this peaceful place.”


Luchino Castagno:

“Forest bathing allowed me to get in touch with myself and the beautiful sounds of nature… what a simple yet profound experience. Sylvie is a very gentle and effective facilitator.”

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