Mind-Body Healer

Julian’s writing is featured in the books 21st Century Yoga and Devil In The Details: 3 Keys To Thinking Clearly About Spirituality. He has been teaching yoga since 1994 and practicing Mind-Body Healing since 1997. He studied under Ana Forrest from 1992 to 1998 and was certified by her to teach. Influenced by American Buddhism, Tantra, and Transpersonal Psychology, Julian has led workshops across the United States and in Canada and has been training teachers and bodyworkers since 2001 and sharing his twice-a-year Transformation Retreats to Ojai since 2002. He is the author of an 8 CD audio program called Radical Transformation: A Map to Mind-Body Ecstasy, a modern interpretation of the chakra system, and is also currently hard at work on publishing a book about the rich relationships between brain science, spiritual practice and embodied psychology.

Julian’s online blog includes articles that have exceeded 25,000 thousand readers on subjects from integral spirituality to movie reviews to depth psychology. As a result of this online work, he was featured in 2006 on the Integral Naked website in an audio interview with the well-known philosopher and intellectual Ken Wilber. Julian calls himself an “activist for reality-based spirituality.”

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