Rohan Chitrakar has been working as a Director of Photography on documentary films for 8 years.  Through his film projects, Rohan has captured stunning images in remote locations around the globe: from Canada, to Chile, Nepal, India and Myanmar. His goal is to visually capture the beauty in all human beings and their environment.
His films include: Nutshimit: On the Land – a documentary film about the semi-nomadic hunting people of Labrador, Canada and theirs struggles to continue living off their land and preserve their culture; Following the Ninth – a feature documentary that follows the adoption of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony by victims of civil conflict across the globe; and Little White Flowers – an award-winning short film loosely adapted from the writings of Washington Irving and Edgar Allen Poe.

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Rohan’s career in film began with a strong interest in the visual arts.  As a student, he was trained in drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography.  He later attended Boston University to study Cinematography and received an MFA in 2006. Rohan is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

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