Film Director, Speaker, and Nature Therapy Guide

With the Atlantic Forest and rocky beaches as her backyard, Sylvie was born in Rio and raised by French and Italian—Egypt-born—parents who encouraged her fascination with nature. Heartbroken by its rapid destruction, as a young adult she made it her mission to share the beauty, power, and wonder of nature: she later moved to the US and became a wildlife cinematographer.

Today, Sylvie is an Emmy nominated, award-winning filmmaker with 20+ years experience as a director, producer, cinematographer, editor and writer – working on films that have screened in digital platforms, movie theaters, and television outlets such as HBO, PBS, Travel Channel, and Discovery Networks.

Narrated by Liam Neeson, her latest film LOVE THY NATURE received critical acclaim including 27 awards, and had over 300 screenings worldwide. An engaging speaker, she has presented over 100 speeches at film festivals, universities, conferences, and a TEDx event.

LOVE THY NATURE is more than a movie, it’s a movement to rekindle the realization of what we’ve known for millennia but have forgotten – that we ARE nature. To foster this movement, Sylvie’s team have created “view-and-do” events where audiences watch the movie, discuss its themes and later engage in a nature-restoring or nature connecting activitiy such as tree planting, wildlife gazing, and nature therapy workshops.

As a certified Nature Therapy guide with ANFT – The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy – Sylvie leads workshops, retreats, and expeditions to guide participants to deepen connection – with nature, others, and self – promoting healing, transformation, and the fulfillment of their highest potential.

A world traveler fluent in 4 languages, Sylvie’s vision is to expand the LOVE THY NATURE movement globally, shift our paradigm to a nature-inspired civilization and restore our spellbinding world – from the inside out.

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