A Prayer to Mother Earth

View of the earth from the moon. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Reflecting on the significance of Earth Day, these words of grief, joy, and dedication poured forth.

Soul Emergence: A New Year Ritual

The arrival of a new year can be a meaningful rite of passage. What seeks to emerge in and through you?

Finding True Fulfillment: How to Ease Your FOMO

In a world that teases you with virtually all you could ever want, how do you deal with the nagging anxiety that you should do, be and belong more?

Four Ways to Revitalize Your Purpose

The dreams of the world seek manifestation through you. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and uninspired, how can you reconnect with your aspirations?

Kiss the Earth, and Let Yourself Be Kissed

The future of environmentalism lies on reawakening our innate reverence for and intimacy with Earth.

Our Pandemic’s Profound Invitation

As Covid-19 causes massive shifts in our ways of living and being, how can be best take care of ourselves and listen to the profound teachings of this time?

The Blissful Side of Death

It’s natural to regard death with fear. But if we can remain open and vulnerable, it can be a gateway to profound joy.

The Best Drug Ever

In this TEDx MontaVista talk, Sylvie explains how nature is the most powerful prescription we could ask for.

Can You Show Me Where It Hurts?

Our modern world trains us to distance ourselves from pain. But with the support of nature, we may be able to touch our grief – and discover new insights within it.

Three Reasons to Be Hopeful for Nature

In the face of the increasing devastation being visited on the natural world, it’s easy to lose heart. But there are good reasons to remain optimistic.

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