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Finding True Fulfillment: How to Ease Your FOMO

In a world that teases you with virtually all you ever want, Fear Of Missing Out is so pervasive that the word FOMO was added to all major dictionaries!

How do you deal with this nagging anxiety that you should do, be and belong more? If unattended, it can turn into a wild weather system in your mind, leading to confusion, overwhelm, and a sense of isolation.

Here are some practices to help ease FOMO:

Wake Up to Mystery

Starting your day with a contemplation practice is a powerful way to ground yourself and in turn helps you clarify your priorities. Meditation, affirmations, visualizations, movement and nature connection give rise to what you hold dear – awakening you to what’s authentic, precious, and worthy of your time.

Practice the Pause

It’s been said that the busier you are, the more you need mindfulness. Just 1 minute of deep breathing can calm your weather system and help you put things in perspective. Need a reminder? Set your timer for every 2 hours. Are you really stressed? Make it every hour, stretching your body and exhaling with sound. Aaaahhhhh…

Prioritize with Purpose

Next time you feel FOMO, ponder what activities are the most aligned with your values, passions, and purpose. Let nature open up your inner weather. Try sky gazing at a park and see if any insights come out of the blue. Consider a plunge on your day off – in the ocean, a pond, or a city pool. Water can reset your neuro circuitry, liquefy your sticky thoughts and set you in the flow.

Fulfill your Core Needs

The modern MO to “power through it,” ignores the callings of your body, heart and spirit, and creates suffering. Slowing down, being real with what emerges and honoring your deeper voice, all lead to the antidote to FOMO: true fulfillment – which ripples out to those around you, your community and the more than human world.

Never Miss Out on:

Spending meaningful time with the life that yearns to live through you, your purpose-filled journey, your heart’s deepest longings, the significant people in your life and your spellbinding natural world. That’s the magic of being alive!!

For a Deeper Dive:

See our full lineup of nature-centered events, workshops, retreats and more. Together we can access the heart, wisdom, and soul that can only be found in relationship with nature.

Wishing you Nature. And Love.

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