Our Mission:

Inspiring people to commune with Nature, others, and themselves to ignite healing, wisdom, and purpose.

Our Vision:

To guide a vast number of people to experience their belonging with the web of life for their own well being and the blossoming of a new era: onethat is inspired by nature’s synergy, wonders, wisdom and mysteries.

Our Values:

Wellness (Humans and Nature):

Our deepest aspiration is to help promote health and wellness for all beings – humans, communities, species, ecosystems, and our Great Mother Earth.


Practicing being fully present in the here and now allows us to see clearlythe “waterfall of thoughts”, the ingrained beliefs that might not serve ourwell-being orthe challenging emotions that might need tending with lovingawareness. Opening the senses and diving into the infinite of the presentmoment reveals the nature of reality in astounding ways.


At their origin in Latin, the words “inspire” and “spirit” were related. We offeropportunities for inspiration so that when our mentees access the beautyand mysteries of their inner / outer nature, they often also access healing,connection, creativity, insights, wonder, and purpose.


Ourexistence is profoundly interwoven with all humans and the web oflife.So, we enhance our well-being when we care for, appreciate, andhonor all people including our ancestors, communities, nature beings,ecosystems, and our spellbinding natural world.


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