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Love Thy Nature points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature, and takes viewers on a cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. The film reveals how a deeper connection with nature can ignite a sense of purpose, meaning and wonder so profound that it touches us at the very core of what it means to be human.


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“Breathtaking… Enthralling! It will replenish your hope in mankind and nature.”
Avi Offer - Rotten Tomatoes critic
"Love Thy Nature will light up your neurons, change your breathing, and deeply connect you to those you're with. The story will stay with you for a long time, because it's yours."
Wallace J. Nichols, PhD - NY Times Bestselling Author
"Rokab sees the light at the end of the tunnel through a biological revolution."
LA Times
"Lush environmental doc... mercifully providing a measure of hope and possibility that many films of this ilk do not. "
Village Voice
"Love Thy Nature is an urgent but stunningly beautiful meditation on our connections to the natural world… everyone should see this profound, timely, and extraordinary film."
Joel Reynolds - NRDC
"Sylvie Rokab has created a visually stunning, soul stirring, and timely documentary. "
Spirituality & Practice
"An uplifting and beautifully choreographed film about the interconnectedness of the world"
On Earth Magazine - Natural Resources Defense Council - NRDC
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Through the transformation of Liam Neeson’s character “Homo Sapiens,” the film invites viewers to realize the depth of their connection with nature.


Since the time I was that kid running through the forest, I’ve been healed, empowered, and awed by the natural world. Love Thy Nature is my homage to its magic, power, and genius. And it’s my gift to you…

The winner of 27 awards, Love Thy Nature shares the dazzling spectacles of our planet while revealing that a deeper connection with nature can both transform us and ignite a highly advanced and conscious new era.



“You didn’t come into this world.
You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.”

Alan Watts


“Visually Stunning, Soul-Stirring, and Timely”
Spirituality & Practice

“A Must See for Everyone Young and Old”
Rotten Tomatoes

“Many valuable lessons to impart”
The Hollywood Reporter


Our nature therapy (aka Forest Bathing) webinars, workshops and expeditions are designed to help you deepen connection with the natural world, others, and yourself. As your senses awaken, nature reveals itself to you in astounding ways. 

Love Thy Nature… that could mean a lot of things. But for me, Love Thy Nature means to climb a tree, connect with other living beings, be wild, be adventurous, sleep under the stars, go down a river, visit a place that will leave you in awe”
Maria, 7th grade student – Goshen, Indiana