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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we encourage you to host Love Thy Nature as a virtual screening event in order to share the film with your audience safely.



Thank you for your interest to share Love Thy Nature with your community!

Whether virtually or in person, hosting a screening is an easy, fun, and engaging way to bring your community together and generate fascinating discussions around the themes of the film.

And we provide you with free tips and marketing materials that will make promoting your event a breeze!

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Bring Love Thy Nature to your Town!

Love Thy Nature vividly illustrates how we’ve lost touch with nature and presents a compelling case that reconnecting with the natural world is key to improving personal health and ensuring our survival on Earth.

Turn your screening into a fundraiser, promote your cause, invite speakers, or follow it with a nature-connecting activity. You can also make a request to have our director Sylvie Rokab attend for a Q&A.

View her engaging Speaker Reel.


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